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Project Description

sp__wcProject is a stored procedure designed to allow you to easily define the projection of columns
used in a table, view, or table valued function and then optionally run the query. *The column names
may be specified using wildcards*, hence the "wc" name prefix.

This procedure is particularly useful when making ad hoc queries against system objects, such as
sys.databases, which return a large number of columns, many of which are related via common substrings
such as, e.g., "ansi" or "is"_. You can also use it to display and/or capture the generated SQL query.
The displayed width of string variables, viz., CHAR, VARCHAR, etc. may be limited to a maximum size
and the string data may be either left or right justified within the maximum specified size. You can also
use this proc to select all columns except those explicitly listed or matching a wildcard specification.

_Run the proc with no arguments to view the full documentation and see the additional bells and whistles
it provides as well as some examples. Also included in this project is a set of sample queries using the proc to
show how it can be used._

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